Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently the railway transport market has been going through a renaissance. We can witness all types of investment in railway facilities, purchasing new rolling stock, and modernisation of railway lines. In Poland we are also at the threshold of a new era in the railway industry. Thus, we have been overwhelmed by the growing belief that rail transport in our country, along with various aspects associated with it, needs further strengthening. This task, although carrying significant liability, is a responsibility of all market participants, from state authorities to entities representing the industry.


Working to further develop the national railway industry is a peculiar idée fixe, that is, the preoccupying thought for local government and also for me in my capacity as its leader. For more than 15 years the Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers has set up terms and conditions and implemented projects supporting the national industry. Conferences, fairs, training programmes on the one hand, and a series of our publications on the other (Business Directory, Report on Railways and recently the Report on Tramways), and lobbying for Polish companies are examples of the actual contribution of the Chamber in the thriving development of rail transport in Poland.

This contribution also includes the publication I am honoured to present to you. The album “Polish Railways” deserves recognition for laborious effort that went into its creation. The result of investigating volumes of materials is a noteworthy publication illustrating the status of railways in recent years.

“Polish Railways” is an excellent compendium of knowledge about the history and development of the railway industry.

I am delighted to promote such a unique book as “Polish Railways” which not only contains historical material but also provides a fresh overview of the present-day railways.

Enjoy reading!

Adam Przybyło

President of the Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment

Producers and Railway Service Providers

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