60 - 715 Poznań

ul. Kolejowa 4

tel. +48 61 86 33 246

tel./fax +48 61 86 33 659




The company ZRK-DOM w Poznaniu Sp. z o.o. was established in 1954. It has long-term experience in modernizing railway infrastructure to the extent of track bed and railway surface works.


The company performed repairs and maintenance of the most important sections of railway routes in Poland:

  • railway line E-20 Warsaw-Berlin
  • railway line E-30 Dresden-Lviv
  • railway line E-59 Wrocław-Szczecin
  • railway line E-65 Warsaw-Gdynia


  • construction of sidetracks at the lignite mine “Konin” S.A.



Range of services:

  • construction and modernisation of railway lines
  • construction and reconstruction of railway stations
  • earthworks and track bed works
  • refurbishment of railway lines
  • works on catenary systems
  • running track repairs, including:
  • track tamping
  • ballast cleaning
  • replacement of railway track elements
  • chemical removal of vegetation
  • removal of the effects of derailing and natural disasters
  • rental of track and construction works machinery and equipment.



ZRK-DOM in Poznań has a modern, highly specialized park of machinery:

  • track tamping machinery
  • turnout tamping machinery
  • welding machines
  • ballast cleaning machines
  • ballast scraping machines
  • track profiling machines
  • track laying cranes
  • continuous track renewal systems
  • dynamic track stabilizers
  • maintenance train UCS 40
  • general construction equipment.



We look forward to working with you on the modernisation of railway lines and sidetracks


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