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The Gdańsk University of Technology – on the right track for 110 years!


• Chair of Railway Transport founded in 1904

• Scientific research related to railways has been conducted since the establishment of the university.



The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway – a groundbreaking investment in Pomeranian Voivodeship The alumni and staff of the Gdańsk University of Technology together are building the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) to run on the pre-war Wrzeszcz-Kokoszki railway route.


The goals of PKM:

• revolutionize public transport in the Tri-City and in the Kashubian region

• provide a connection from Gdańsk and Gdynia to the airport in Rębiechowo

• offer an alternative solution to motor traffic jams

• fast, more economical and sustainable railway transport



The Gdańsk University of Technology takes part in the initiative of the Rail Transportation Consortium.


The goals of the consortium:

• bring the Polish railways closer to the world’s standards

• put a high-speed railway construction programme into operation in Poland

• implement the Long-Term Programme "A journey by rail into the 21st century – the system of scientific, technical and educational support for the development of railway transport and integrated regional transport systems" in 2015-2024.


In the consortium the University is the coordinator of the Thematic Strategy Group "Innovative solutions and optimisation of railroads".


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